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Voice Controlling My NEST Thermostat

First, the example:

2 updates since this was written:

  1. Nest now has a public API
  2. You don’t need to root your phone to do any of this. I will be updating this guide soon to reflect the above —

NEST, for whatever reason, has yet to publicly release their API. At the moment, it seems like Nest Labs is focusing on giving early access to rich-people-things companies like Control4. There is also the NEST Google Glass app that you can control using your voice. In both cases, I did not feel like shelling out thousands of dollars to beta test something seemingly simple.

I am sure it will be soon that NEST releases the public APl, but at the time of writing, it isn’t so. Luckily, good folks like Scott Baker, have reverse engineered how NEST control works over the internet. I decided to use Scott’s unofficial NEST API and integrate it into the vastly popular automation app Tasker.



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